By default you'll see user interface in API. To receive json format add format=json parameter. Json format supported only.


If you see structure as below, you deal with pagination.

    "count": 106,
    "next": "",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [

Data stored in attribute "results". You can provide two GET parameters to setup pagination:

  • page_size
  • page
By default page_size equals to 20 (in list views - 100). Max page_size restricted to 1000. You can change the page number through setting needed number to page parameter.

Search & Ordering

You can search by providing search parameter in url.
For example: /api/topics/?search=test
Where test is your query.

You can setup ordering by providing ordering parameter in url.
For example: /api/topics/?ordering=name
Where name is one of the fields of returned object. Type the minus (e.g. -name or name) to specify descending/ascending accordingly.

NOTE: Except url/count/renamed fields.